Introducing Community Conference Coordinator Tabitha Benci DeRango

Commuinity Conference Coordinator Two of the largest conferences that JFCS co-sponsors are the Annual Conference on Mental Health (held each fall – which will be virtual this year) and Conference for Caregivers (held in spring every other year). Tabitha Benci DeRango, who was recently hired as the JFCS Community Conference Coordi[...]

Folx in Relationships* in a socially distant world

Tips for navigating life at home during this difficult time By Mark Kaufman • JFCS Counselor *Folx in Relationships is a term intended to be more inclusive of the diversity of romantic relationships than “couples" We are all facing rapid changes in our routines in the face of a pan[...]

Mental health tips for this period of social distancing

By Michel Rousseau • JFCS Counselor Social distancing does not imply emotional distancing: Staying connected and engaged with your family/friend/communities is important, now more than ever, and can be done in a number of ways (phone, text, email, video chat, written letter, etc.).   Be m[...]

Looking back at a career in healing

Judy Marcus retires as JFCS’ Healing Program Coordinator after 22 years Though Judaism is thousands of years old, the modern-day concept of Jewish Healing Centers doesn’t go back that far. The National Center for Jewish Healing (NCJH) was established in 1994 in response&n[...]

Mental Health Conference Oct. 20 will feature jazz musician Sam Miltich

Mental Health Education Conference In addition to keynote, conference will feature workshops with 22 topics to pick from   The 19th annual Mental Health Education Conference sponsored by the Twin Cities Jewish community, “Creating Healing and All that Jazz,” will be held 10 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 20, at Temple Is[...]

The hardest question you’ll ever ask

Counseling September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month   By Mark Kaufman • JFCS Counselor   September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), someone dies by suicide every 40 seconds. That is a scary statistic, but for[...]

Free CEU training: “Nourishing the Therapeutic Relationship”

"Nourishing the Therapeutic Relationship": What do ancient Jewish texts and contemporary theory tell us about this? As it turns out, a lot!   JFCS will host a free CEU training on this topic on Friday, Sept. 20, at its office in Golden Valley (5905 Golden Valley Rd).   Rabbi a[...]

Rejecting Apathy and Cynicism in Light of Recent Tragedies

The heartbreaking events in El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH left at least 31 people dead and many others injured. These horrific events left a hole in the hearts of so many people across the country and the world. What can we do and how can we make any sense of these evil acts of violence? Further, how s[...]