Introducing JFCS Community Conference Coordinator Sharon Goldetsky

Two of the largest conferences that JFCS co-sponsors are the Mental Health Education Conference (held each fall) and Conference for Caregivers (held in spring every other year). Sharon Goldetsky, who was recently hired as the JFCS Community Conference Coordinator, is in charge of organizing both the[...]

Introducing Family Life Education Program Manager Leah Persky

Leah Persky was recently hired as the JFCS Family Life Education Program Manager. Family Life Education (FLE) takes JFCS out into the community and brings the community into JFCS through presentations, trainings, workshops, classes, support groups, individual meetings and consultations. Customized p[...]

After 25 years of helping people, Barbara says goodbye

By Barbara Rudnick • JFCS Family Life Education Program Manager I will be retiring at the end of June. Having worked at JFCS for the last 25 years, I want to share with you some things I know for sure: My work has given me the privilege of helping people during difficult [...]

Introducing Community Services Director Amy Weiss

With its Community Services programs, JFCS looks for opportunities that help build and sustain well-being and meaningful connections, creating a stronger community. Through partnerships with PRISM Food Shelf and initiatives such as the Mental Health Education Conference and others, we aim to be a va[...]