JFCS Career Services: September is Workforce Development Month

Workforce development positively influences economy for individuals and businesses   September is Workforce Development Month. Workforce development is an organized set of solutions to meet employment needs, and can address cultural, educational, and systemic challenges, which helps to positi[...]

From homeless shelter to business owner

Minnesota Family Investment Program, MFIP JFCS Career Services helps Petra get back on her feet and start her own counseling practice   Before moving to the U.S., Petra had a degree in mental health nursing and an established clinical services career in England, Ireland and Australia. However, now living in Minnesota, she and her f[...]

Creating a path to IT jobs for those facing significant barriers

The City of Minneapolis has officially recognized April as its inaugural “tech month” with a series of events aimed at strengthening partnerships between employers, training outfits, and public partners and making opportunities in the tech sector accessible to all residents.   In a metro-[...]

A Q&A with new Career Services Director Sheilah Howard

‘Many of the people who seek career assistance now often need help the most,’ Howard said of the current low unemployment rate   Sheilah Howard, who previously served as JFCS’ IT Pathways Program Manager and Data Optimization Manager, has been named the agency’s Career Services Director[...]

Introducing Career Services Director Dianne Bari

JFCS’ full array of Career Services helps job seekers prepare for success in today’s competitive job market. Our programs empower people to explore and identify their visions of career success. JFCS is thrilled to introduce Dianne Bari, who was recently hired as JFCS Career Services Program Dire[...]

Personalized and holistic approach sets JFCS Career Services apart

By Margie Earhart • Career Services Director   There are several places in the Twin Cities to receive employment-related services, but JFCS Career Services’ employment counselors are constantly hearing from clients that the quality of our services can’t be beat.   Stateme[...]